ameer suhayb carter is an experience designer.

He graduates with a BFA in Service Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia in May. He has had the privilege to work with Reebok, Dreamit Ventures, SCAD Pad, R/GA, & Barclaycard US, to ship innovative products to market.

In addition to company work & sponsored projects, he co-created and works on Feels.

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He tweets a few daily nuggets too. Follow him @athesneakerhead

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His work has been featured in Time, Fast Co.Exist, The Industry & Tech Crunch.

Photo by Victoria McDaniel

Special thanks to all my kith and kin that have gone through hell and back with me. You are always in my heart. That collective energy keeps me going––you are my light––I am merely the conduit to let it shine.

With love,
Ameer Suhayb Carter